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Elisabet Lamote
co-founder of the digital platform Trooper
Elisabet Lamote
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Elisabet Lamote

Looking for an innovative way to raise funds for a good cause or an association such as a sports club or youth club? Then you should listen to Elisabet Lamote, founder of Trooper.

Trooper is a digital platform that collects money for an association’s members through online shopping, without members having to pay one eurocent extra. Of every purchase made, a percentage goes to the association.

Lamote comes from a background of consulting and data driven marketing with Nielsen and Jacobs Douwe Egberts. While trying to help local scouts raise funds to rebuild their burned down clubhouse, together with Jan Dejonghe and Klaas Olbrechts she came up with an innovative idea to help associations collect the money they need to fulfil their dreams. And so Trooper was founded.

It’s a great example of someone showing drive and initiative not to accept the status quo, but to develop a better, more optimal and sustainable way of working. 

Discover the latest news on Trooper at and&, and catch Lamote’s enthusiasm for new opportunities.