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    DJ Marcelle
    embodying punk within an often predictable electronic scene
    DJ Marcelle
    May 8
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    DJ Marcelle

    Marcelle van Hoof cuts an instantly recognisable figure behind the decks. Forever on the move, the Dutch DJ flips records like they’re going out of fashion, and in the world of DJ Marcelle, they probably are.

    Three turntables, some flowers and a big record bag: these are stalwarts in the world of DJ Marcelle, and about the only thing that you can bank on when she plays out. “In general, what i do with my music – from my productions, to my DJing, to how my sleeves look – is to be free and independent. Not giving a fuck and staying true to myself – that is by far the most important thing to me.”

    While no two sets have ever sounded the same, the notoriously unpredictable selector/producer enjoys a worldwide reputation of near-universal agreement. No-one can make a dancefloor move the way that she does, and no-one knows just how she does it – even if you ask her, she’s liable to tell you that she doesn’t know either.

    Buy your Pro or Pro+ ticket now and enjoy a 20% discount