21 - 24 April 2021 | Leuven, Belgium Menu
and& 2020 art expo Christina Kubisch
Pioneer in sound art, exploring the hidden electromagnetic waves of our cities.
Christina Kubisch
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Christina Kubisch

Christina Kubisch is considered a pioneer of sound art installation and one of today’s most prominent European sound artists. She was trained as a visual artist, musician and composer, and studied flute and piano before turning to electronic music and later focusing on sound sculpture and sound installations, which often involved ultraviolet light, solar energy and electromagnetic induction. In 2003, Kubisch began creating Electrical Walks, of which she has developed 74 walks worldwide, including for ZKM Karlsruhe, The Kitchen New York, Ars Electronica Linz and documenta 14, Athens.

Find more info at www.electricalwalks.org