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21 — 25 April 2021 | Leuven. Belgium
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    Chris Stokel-Walker
    journalist, author, speaker, YouTube expert
    Chris Stokel-Walker

    Chris Stokel-Walker

    Chris Stokel-Walker is a British journalist whose work regularly appears in WIRED, The Economist, The Times, BBC, and Newsweek. Previously a PR manager, copywriter and event manager, he’s now known for breaking major news about YouTube. He often reports on the site for television, radio and podcasts. Editors and peers say he knows YouTube better than YouTube knows YouTube.

    For his first book, YouTubers, which documents YouTube’s rise, its troubled present and its rocky future, he travelled around the world, attending events and speaking to behind-the-camera producers and powerbrokers. More than 100 insiders laid bare the reality of their lives for this first in-depth independent book on YouTube.

    At and&, Stokel-Walker will be looking at how YouTube overthrew the media and changed society. He will chart the platform's rise from single home video to global boom into the world’s biggest video sharing website – and ask what its impact on society has been and will be. His talk will be of interest to anyone who uses YouTube, which – admit it – includes us all!