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21 — 25 April 2021 | Leuven. Belgium
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    and& 2020 conference Chris Messina
    inventor of the Hashtag, ever-curious product designer and technologist
    Chris Messina

    Chris Messina

    In the early 21st century, the technological possibilities that lie ahead are mind-bending. Limits on what can & may be possible lessen with each new breakthrough or invention. Decisions relating to future tech application will in no small part shape the destiny of us all. No better person to guide us through social technology & society, product design, UX, startups, culture, media & the future than Chris Messina.

    In 2007, Chris invented a little thing called the hashtag, galvanizing popular social revolutions & forever changing the world. He’s been living on the edge of social technology for over a decade, designing products & experiences for Google & Uber, co-founding a conversational social AI company (YC’18).

    Chris created movements both online & offline & acted as a catalyst for change in large & small organizations. In 2004, he helped organize the grassroots movement that propelled Mozilla Firefox to its first 100 million downloads. In 2005, he co-organized the first BarCamp & then popularized the unconference event model to over 350 cities around the world. In 2006, he opened the first coworking spaces in the world, giving rise to a global movement. He recently became a digital nomad, travelling & speaking all around the world.