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robot developer, robotics evangelist, professor, candidate politician
Bram Vanderborght
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Bram Vanderborght

If you’re interested to hear a speaker share their passion for robots and their use for society and economy, sign up to listen to Bram Vanderborght at and&. He lives and breathes robots, and focusses on developing a new generation of robots that will physically and socially support humans. Vanderborght is Professor in Robotics at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, core lab manager of Flanders Make, and member of the Brussels Human Robotic research center. He is also coordinator of the European project SHERO on self-healing soft robots, and Editor in Chief of Robotics & Automation Magazine.

Nothing concerning robots is outside his domains of interest: prosthetics, exoskeletons, co-workers, social robots ... He sees the most promising direct applications for robots are likely to come in the healthcare sector and the manufacturing industry.

Although he is happy in the company of robots, Vanderborght is very much a people person. He is currently candidate for the Belgian municipal elections in his home town of Hoeilaart, and was candidate for the European Parliament in the 2014 elections. In this capacity he is aware that technology is rapidly increasing in homes, and thus he seeks to enable citizens to stay up to date with this technological (r)evolution.

A further priority for Vanderborght is collaboration, which he sees as essential to meet the complex challenges of society. This is why within his robotics research group he stresses the need to work together with other technical disciplines such as artificial intelligence as well as with psychologists, physiotherapists, sociologists and philosophers.