BitSoil Tax & Hack Campaign

What are the patterns of digital creativity? Where is the line between “private” and “public”? And how do our online lives affect the offline world? These are some questions that drive the artistic duo Bénédicte and Laure-Anne Jacobs. In 2011 they together established “Larbitslab”, a “Research lab on Digital Visualization”. It is the breeding ground for international collaborations between art and science that result in social critical installations, performances and events.

Using the network technology for building a facility that guarantees equal opportunities and rights: it was the big dream of the two internet pioneers. BitSoil Taks and Hack Campaign. Unfortunately, this dream didn’t come true – unless your name is Mark Zuckerberg. However, the virtual republic of bitREPUBLIC offers humans a second chance. Be prepared for the newest capital of data economy.

During and& you can become a real civilian of this decentralized state. Furthermore, you can dig BitSoil mines and levy taxes on giants who are dominating the tech world today. Are you itching to redistribute the world’s wealth? Then BitSoil Tax and Hack Campaign at M-Museum in Leuven is definitely worth a visit.