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Bert Baeck
venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur, patent holder
Bert Baeck
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Bert Baeck

Currently a Managing Partner at SmartFin, a company targeting technology investments in private European growth companies, there’s much more in Bert Baeck’s locker than investment skills. He can discuss topics ranging from software engineering and Big Data to IoT and analytics. Not altogether surprising, considering he holds a Master of Science Degree in Computer Sciences and a Master of Science Degree in Micro-Electronics from the University of Ghent.

Before joining SmartFin, Baeck was CEO and Co-founder of TrendMiner, a successful SaaS IoT/Analytics software company acquired by Software AG in 2018. TrendMiner scaled to 85 employees, with offices in 3 continents, exporting to more than 22 countries in less than 36 months.

Before that, he was Sales & Marketing Director of ‘D square’, after starting his career at Bayer Material Science (now called Covestro) where he was Data Optimization Manager. He currently holds Board positions at several technology companies such as Selma.ai, BxxA Audio, Epihunter, The Glue and Versasense.

A highly motivated professional with a strong focus on entrepreneurship and with outstanding technical conceptual insight and industry knowledge, Baeck’s insights are not to be missed at and&.