Arnoud Raskin
social entrepreneur, educator, trainer, speaker
Arnoud Raskin
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Arnoud Raskin

What is the future of business? As a social entrepreneur, Arnoud Raskin has had first-hand experience with organizations and models that make up both social and private sectors. He has seen both the advantages and the disadvantages of these one-pillar models. He argues that a hybrid approach, holding both social impact and financial return on an equal level, holds tremendous opportunities for business and society. Converting theory into practice, Raskin co-founded Mobile School, StreetwiZe, and StreetSmart.

Mobile School NPO builds mobile schools and innovative educational programs valorizing the qualities of resourcefulness that underprivileged children acquire in the street. In this way they restore their self-esteem, a fundamental step toward successful social and professional integration.

StreetwiZe is a for-profit company that translates the street survival skills of street children into unconventional leadership training for companies. It builds authenticity, positive focus, proactive creativity, agility, resilience, and cooperative competition in teams.

StreetSmart is a TECH4GOOD startup offering an impact measurement and case management tool for street educators and youth workers.

Raskin is Ashoka fellow, entrepreneur in residence @ Vlerick Business School and an inspirational speaker. Miss him at and& and you will have missed a real treat!