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21 — 25 April 2021 | Leuven. Belgium
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    and& VRT EDUBox

    and& VRT EDUBox

    and& is bringing you the EDUBox AI by VRT.

    Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. But what exactly is AI?





    Every time we listen to music on Spotify, watch a movie on Netflix or scroll on Facebook and Instagram, an intelligent machine is monitoring our behavior and preferences. But, there's obviously a whole lot more to AI. For example, a self driving car is also full of intelligent computers.

    You can learn how all of this works with the EDUBox Artificial Intelligence. The history and different kinds of AI will be explained, as well as the broad meaning of the term. and& developed a special edition of the known EDUBox concept with new content, designed for schools in Leuven.

    The multimedia curriculum is custom-made for secondary school students. In groups of 4 or 5 students, they will learn about the underlying mechanisms and possible traps of AI. The EDUBox will approximately take 2 class periods. You will soon be able to apply for an EDUBox AI. Boxes will be delivered mid March.

    More info

    Our VRT EDUBox is an EDUBox specially adapted for and& that focuses on the principles of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the help of a ready-made box, groups of students learn independently about the underlying mechanisms and possible pitfalls of AI.

    How to order

    This special edition of the EDUBox is exclusively distributed in schools in Leuven and is aimed at students in the first grade of secondary education. Do you want to participate? The offer is limited, so no time to waste! The EDUBoxes will be delivered directly to your classroom in the week of March 15th.

    VRT EDUbox

    EDUBox is an educational concept by VRT NWS, bringing social topics to classrooms of secondary schools. The EDUBox designed for and& will be distributed exclusively to schools in Leuven. We made the curriculum for first graders more accessible and added new content.