A bat causes a global pandemic, a war in Europe strains the grain and gas supply, and the energy crisis erodes our economic fibers like never before. The twenties are very roaring. In these ominous times, who will dare to raise their head above the ground? Who will still dare to surf this turbulent sea? Who will still dare to invest in turbulent times?

These crises create opportunities. Especially for start-ups and scale-ups in Flanders. Innovation is their toolbox. They innovate for the better. That's why we bring them together in Leuven. The innovation city of Flanders. At And& Connect, different start-up ecosystems join forces for the first time. 

With And& Connect, we believe in cross-pollination. During 3 days you make a wide range of contacts and plant your seeds for the future. And& Connect not only brings young companies in contact with investors, but also with each other, and with potential co-founders, corporates, scientists, and artists.


Speakers - National and international speakers gather at Leuven, city of innovation, to inspire scale-ups, start-ups, innovators and business enthusiasts.

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Breakouts - At And& Connect, we aim for an interactive and fun experience. Therefore, we offer various types of breakout session for you to enjoy! Want to participate in a breakout session? Than buy your ticket and apply!