3 MAY 2023
M Leuven

CEO dinner

CEO dinner tijdelijk

Fancy an informal chat over dinner with 25 CEOs from some of Belgium’s most innovative companies? Every course (30 minutes or so) you can sit by a different CEO! This exclusive concept is available to 25 Startup Founders. Be prepared to listen to the thoughts and visions of these inspirational leaders, and to share your own challenges and dreams with them.

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Please note that applying alone does not guarantee you a spot at our dinner table. We carefully select the best matches. 

Do not hesitate to grab this opportunity, it will be a dinner to remember.

Have a seat at the table with the following leaders:
  • Anouk Lagae - CEO ACCENT Jobs
  • Rolf Driesen - CEO Deloitte Belgium
  • Saskia Schatteman - CEO VAR/VRT
  • Lise Conix - CEO Schoenen Torfs
  • An Steegen - CEO Barco
  • Miek Naessens - CMO Sioen Industries
  • Rudi Peeters - CEO Vandersanden Groep
  • Bart Saverweyns - Chief Experience Officer BAC
  • Pieter Vandewalle - VP KLA and GM Icos
  • Yin Oei - CEO Living Tomorrow
  • Daniëlle Vanwesenbeeck - Mastermail
  • Peter Devlies - CEO Argenta
  • Wouter Piepers - CEO Flanders Bio
  • Tim Kamanayo - CEO GIMBER
  • Jeroen De Wit - CEO Teamleader
  • Marc Vandewalle - Algemeen directeur UCLL
  • Jos Peeters - Capricorn
  • Kristof Desmedt - CEO AGO Jobs
  • Lode Uytterschaut - Start it Xfr
  • Dirk Deroost – CEO Cronos


Speakers - National and international speakers gather at Leuven, city of innovation, to inspire scale-ups, start-ups, innovators and business enthusiasts.

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