4 MAY 2023
M Leuven

CEO breakfast

Breakfast pexels

Ever wondered what CEOs eat for breakfast – and what they talk about? Now’s your chance! We have invited 25 CEOs, investors and C-level managers from some of Belgium’s most innovative companies to have a talk at the breakfast table. In between them are 25 empty chairs, waiting for 25 Startup Founders. So don’t delay and take this unique networking opportunity and apply. Who knows what it might lead to? It could be a breakfast to remember!

You can sign up for this breakout group (free of charge) after you have registered for And& Connect. Don’t delay: it could be the start of a wonderful new partnership

Please note that applying alone does not guarantee you a spot at our breakfast table. We carefully select the best matches. 

We do encourage you to give it a shot, it could be the start of brand new collaboration! 


Have breakfast together with the following leaders:
  • Erik Luts - CIO KBC
  • Raf Vermeylen - CEO SEW Benelux
  • Kathleen Claes - CEO The Java Coffee Company
  • Benny Smets - CEO Ninatrans
  • Maayke De Vil - COO Citrique
  • Kristof Desmedt - CEO AGO Jobs
  • Steven Tielemans - CEO THEO Technologies
  • Stefan Croimans - Cronos    
  • Lode Uytterschaut - Start it X
  • Bart De Groote - CEO Streamz
  • Sander Van den Dries - Comate


Speakers - National and international speakers gather at Leuven, city of innovation, to inspire scale-ups, start-ups, innovators and business enthusiasts.

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